18cms 7piece Russian dolls
9piece black nesting doll
Purple pot shaped flower design babushka set


Are you looking to Buy Russian Dolls?


www.russiandollsandtoys.com is an answer to all your wholesale requirements for nesting doll. Based in India, we are the largest manufacturers and exporters of these dolls. We have hundreds of designs you can choose from for your stores. We also provide you with the best mix to buy for your retail store, brand promotion or gifting requirements. Russian dolls are used worldwide for gifting and promotional purposes. Enhance your shops’ look with a display of beautiful assorted collection of nested sets. They are widely sold during holiday seasons, valentine, Easter, in short, every occasion when you can gift someone something purposeful. For branding and promotional purposes Russian Dolls serve as a lasting and a memorable gift. Customization of the shape, design, the logo or the brand name can be done easily at Meena Handicrafts. 


90% of the dolls we manufacture are custom made. Browse through our wholesale customized dolls section to go through the uniqueness in making of each order. Intricacies of the paintings, printing of the logos, close pantone matching colors are our specialties for making these masterpieces. Russian Babushka Dolls can tell stories and are great means for product launches. Since, the dolls are made in India they are 90-95% cheap with regards to the original ones. However, the quality is compromised 10-20%. They are thus a cheap and memorable solution for brand imaging. In addition to the Matryoshka Sets, we deal into Kokeshis, Wood Toys, wooden beads and other Indian handicrafts.


traditional Japanese doll
Blue dress small girl
Black Kimono Japan doll


Manufacturing of Nesting doll in India?

Yes, you read it correctly!! India is a paradise of handicrafts. In India handicrafts can be found in every state and it varies from place to place. We mainly deal with wooden handicrafts and can meet almost any requirement in wood based products. Nesting doll and Japanese Kokeshis is one such commercially manufactured handicraft, where in the artisans have so beautifully replicated the original art that it is impossible to make out the difference between the two. You can request our catalog fom our Contact Us page Or Contact : sales@russiandollsandtoys.com


White color round bead with tulips and green leaves
White base with green leaves bead
Blue floral pattern bead


How safe are our Wooden Toys, Puzzles and Games?

Our toys are safe in terms of design and materials used. We take care with every minute detail in designing of these toys to ensure safety of children. All the colors used are either natural colors derived from food extracts like (red color derived from beetroot, dark yellow from turmeric, green from Spinach) or colors branded certified which are non-toxic in nature. Our products has been repeatedly tested over the years by various clients in various countries for safety. We have passed EN71 (Part 1,2 & 3) for EU countries and CPSIA as per regulations set by USA. As a part of our continous effort towards maninting quality under control, we try and test random samples from production, raw paints round the year at intervals. We have been maintaining recored since past few years and have successfully passed our tests like EN71 (Part 1, 2, 3), CPSIA and REACH. Please check some of our test reports for your reference on our test report page.


Indian handicrafts of traditional orchestra
Wooden springi joer in green clothes
Money box in shape of owl


So relax and take some time browsing through our products on our website russiandollsandtoys.com & do not forget to drop us your inquiry. Happy Shopping !! Contact : sales@russiandollsandtoys.com