What is a Matryoshka nesting doll? 

Matryoshka nesting doll is most popular Russian national souvenir. This folk art came in to existence near the end of the 19th Century. This was the period when Russia went through great cultural development and economic progress.  Sergey Malyutin designed the first Russian stacking dolls in his art studio near Moscow. This was crafted and carved in 1890 by Vasily Zvyozdochkin. Russian stacking dolls are called by various names as places changes.

Matryoskha nesting doll basically consists of a wooden figure which separates, top from bottom. It reveals another similar piece which is of the same shape but smaller in size once you open the bigger doll. This continues so on till the last doll is open able. In Latin language Russian doll is called Matryoshka which means mother in English. These dolls displayed the Russian family life perfectly. It meant a farm lady in a traditional outfit wearing a babushka scarf.  Her portly figure displayed many offspring.

Facial expression is one of the most important feature of these dolls and is always painted with fine details. While both male and female figures were portrayed, usually the innermost doll in the set of Russian Stacking Dolls was mostly a baby. Thus it carries an ancient value displaying the human culture. The theme of Matryoshka nesting doll can be anything, ranging from fairy tale characters to animals or popular figurines. All features of Russian dolls make a delightful combination as its presence is unsurpassable.

Do you make the Russian stacking dolls yourself? 
Yes. In India you will find the most exquisite variety of handicrafts, some of the best amongst the world. For Russian stacking dolls we have a separate set of artisans, specialized in carving of dolls from raw wood. The set of painters take up the job from there make these raw wooden pieces into piece of beauty. These set of workers work exclusively for us, for Meena Handicrafts. We do take help of other artisans for bulk order. For such additional workers, a separate manager is appointed who keeps a strict control on quality.

Are these dolls genuine Matryoshka? What is the difference between original dolls and the ones you sell?
Given below is a comparison chart for original dolls made in Russia and Matryoshka nesting doll made by us in India.

Original Matryoshka Nesting Doll


Our Russian Dolls




These are Original dolls made in Russia


These are replicated in India

Made from Linden tree, basswood which is dried for at least 2 years to ensure they lose all the moisture. 


Our dolls are made from Eucalyptus wood which is dried for only 25-30 days which ensures that it is totally moisture free. Also the high Indian temperatures touching 35-40 degrees round the year makes this process simpler and faster.

Has high painting quality 


Painting quality is 25-30% weak compared to original dolls.

Is very costly and high priced 


Our prices are nearly 90-95% cheaper compared to original dolls.

Bulk production takes a very long time as designs are artist specific 


We replicate nearly all designs and supply close to 5000 sets per month.

Where are these items shipped from?
All our dolls will be shipped from Mumbai (India). JNPT (Nhava – Sheva) is the nearest sea port used to ship the goods.

How can we buy in retail quantities?
Our company is mainly engaged only in bulk production and supply of these products. We do not retail. Our major supplies are to Retail chains, Wholesalers and Importers of these products.

How can we buy in wholesale quantities?
To place order with us, kindly fill our contact form and leave an inquiry with us. Our company executive will be contacting you back within 24 hours and subsequently based on your requirements, we will forward you our catalog with price list. Further information regarding delivery, packing and payment terms will be exchanged directly with you via email.

Which countries do you supply?
We sell worldwide

What are the shipping options, freight charges and delivery time?
Normally the shipping option is decided by the buyer. Sending goods by air and sea are two options available. We can send the goods as requested by you. However, for goods in weight/volume up to 100 Kgs, we suggest air shipment. Air shipment is quicker for smaller quantities. We can reach to most parts of the world within 4 to 5 working days via DHL, FedEx and other Freight forwarders.

Sea shipment takes 25 days to 50 days for transit, depending upon the location of your country. For bulk quantities i.e weight/volume above 100 Kgs, we suggest sea shipment. We can arrange everything for you and goods will be delivered at your nearest port or door as you request.

Alternatively we can also hand over the goods directly to your appointed agent. Freight charges will be informed to you before hand. As it is subject to the weight and volume of the order, it is not possible to give a general tariff for all volumes.

Do you insure the goods?
Yes, we can do that on request.

What payment options are available?
You can pay us directly via bank TT, which is our most preferred option. You can also make payment via Western Union or PayPal. For PayPal an additional 4% for charges will be levied in addition to the invoice value.

What kind of packing do you provide?
We pack each item in opp plastic bag and place it is thick card board box. Approx 50 such boxes are further packed in export carton. Our export cartons are made from 180GSM thick paper. We normally use 9ply export cartons with safety markings for safe delivery of the goods.

Do you provide customized packing and labeling service?
Yes, we do custom packing and labeling. The difference of cost is adjusted as per the new packing requirements; this is informed before placing the order with us.

Do you make customized dolls and customized toys?
Customized dolls and toys comprise more than 50% of our total sales. We have been doing a lot of customized dolls and toys from past many years. You can check some of our earlier works in the clients' customized dolls page of our website.

Is “GSP- Form A” available if we request one? What additional charges are there for the same?
Yes, we can provide GSP – Form A for reduced import duties in developed nations. There is no additional charge for this. You just need to inform us in advance, so that we can arrange it for you.

Are these goods made using non-toxic paints?
All our products are made using only non-toxic paints. Our products has been previously successfully tested and passed in the following countries:
EU nations – REACH Test and EN71 (Part 1,2&3)

For more information where do I contact?
You can contact us directly via our Contact Us page by filling the form and submitting at our website. Or Contact : sales@russiandollsandtoys.com