Nested dolls in Fish, Animal and Bird design for bulk purchases.



On this page we have displayed designs of stacking sets which are painted in series of various pet & wild animals, fishes and birds. These Nested dolls are painted with series which adds a meaningful storyline or a pattern that helps the user to understand about the topic. For eg: There are wholesale dolls set which speaks about all the breeds of pet dogs, similarly pet cats. Some educate with pictures of frog with various bugs that they eat. There are stories about the frog prince, the owl family, the Emperor penguin family with its baby and so on.



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Emperor penguin wooden nesting set
Owl family stacking set
6piece Frogs and bugs insects russian dolls




5piece handmade dog russian nesting set
5piece Elephant nested doll set
Frog family wooden stacking set




5piece frog prince nesting doll
5piece Wild cat stacking wooden toy
Cat kitten babushka




6 piece frog musicians matrioshkas
16.5cms Penguin matreshka




Handmade 11piece Cat kitten family animal nested dolls
Owl nesting dolls






Our clients who purchase wholesale dolls from us brought this idea to us. We developed it further and extended it to a range of designs. There are now Aquatic animals, the endangered species, wild cats, monkey sets, pet dogs, farm and wild animals, the royal prince frog etc. More and more designs evolved like different breeds of dogs, cats, penguins, migratory birds etc. These were bought in large quantities by many schools, toy shops.


These wholesale dolls are good buy for importers dealing in children toys or educational toys. It is also useful for importers dealing in other children products and should consider adding this product line to their range. Babushka sets have picked up sales in a large number of schools, pre nursery teaching centers and as a person collection worldwide. Our regular production and competitive pricing is an added advantage for buying wholesale dolls. Nested dolls for certain designs are now produced round the year and there is a ready stock available for sale. You are requested to inquire about ready stock for quick deliveries.  Our sets are priced as low as 1.56US$/set of 5pcs.


As we can also incorporate your design in our manufacturing, we will be glad to receive your inquiry for animal nested dolls. You can contact us at