Matyroshka - Buy in wholesale for Christmas season sales


Festive season calls for perfect gift giving. Christmas is an occasion when one generally buys memorable long lasting gifts for the near and dear ones. Matryoshka can serve the purpose in the best way. Stock your collection to include best of the Santa nesting Dolls, Snowman sets, Father Frost set etc. Stock your store supply with wholesale matryoshka and increase your profit by saving more on season packs.  We provide you a wide range of Christmas collection at amazing rates. You can purchase in wholesale to get early offer discounts. Hanging bells decoration, stars sets, hanging hearts, Xmas tree, and Candle stands can also be ordered together.


Buy Santa nesting dolls - Buy Matryoshka in bulk for great prices

This collectible gift can be sold in packs too. Matryoshka packs can be ordered for all age groups. Young kids pack to include the Santa sets giving gifts; animals/birds nested sets, Fairy tales stacking dolls, Snowmen, cartoon characters so that it can enhance the value. For females, traditional Matryoshka including the floral print in their apron, Woman holding the basket of flowers, can be given along with the bouquets. For males, the sets depicting vodka bottles, robot nesting dolls, Russian key chains etc can be taken together. Thus a value pack for every age group is possible. They can be also used as a decoration for Xmas trees.



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Snowman matryoshka doll
5piece Matryoshka styled snowman set



0007 Back

10piece Nesting santa claus doll set
Set of 10pieces Santa claus Russian stacking doll



0038 Back

White fairy nesting dolls
10cms 5piece Nun Russian nested set




Wooden Santa Russian dolls
Frosty snowman nesting doll set of 5 pieces




Hand carved Russian Santa doll
4piece Father Christmas Matryoshka wooden set




Stacking Xmas dolls
Father frost Santa Russian wood nesting doll