Matryoshkas – The customized way


Creating a strong brand recall is a very important marketing aspect of today’s advertising. This become more crucial when you are looking to enter new markets, new segments or are in a launch state for new product. Failure of your product can bring a huge amount of loss for your company in terms of capital invested, financial growth and man hours deployed over a period of time.


In such a scenario every marketer wants something which will give a strong product or brand recall to their efforts. Our Babooshka is a perfect product for this scenario. Matryoshkas are made from wood, which gives a rich feeling in the hands of the receiver. The best thing is that matryoshkas can be designed and customized to present your ideas in the way you wish to pass the message.


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Wooden nesting wild cat set
5 piece Pet dog animal wood nested set
Elmo Sesame street nesting dolls

Wild Cats

Nested Dogs


Halloween 5piece skeleton design matrioshka
5piece wooden wolf stacking doll set
Sesame street nested toy set




Cookie monster stacking wood set
Marine aquatic animals nested dolls
Tallulah love matryoshka russian dolls


Stackable Aquatic Set

Tallulah Russian Set

Set of 3 Smirnoff black vodka promotional nesting set
Endangered animal species stackable wood toy
Oscar - Sesame street nesting set


Endangered Species

Customised Collectible

24 inches Emily - the strange nesting dolls
Reindeer animal nesting dolls

Emily - The Strange




Babooshka - The new marketing tool


We have been making Babooshka for many international companies since past many years. Our Matryoshkas has been used in opening ceremonies of new malls (The Netherlands), new product launches (Canada & USA), distributions as free gifts to fair visitors (Denmark & UK) and also for brand promotion (Australia, Germany & France)


Uniqueness, Promotional Value, Memorabilia is what we can offer you, when we ask you to choose Babooshka to be used as promotional gifts for your company. Distinctive demands like screen printing of the logo, changes in the shape/size of the doll, number of pcs, etc are taken care of extremely well in customised babooshka.


Some of our best customized matryoshkas are displayed below. These are all the babooshka we developed till the year 2010. More than 15 more customized matryoshkas have been developed for bulk production since 2010, which we have restricted for display as per our privacy policy. Keep visiting this page to check more designs of babooshka coming soon.


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