Flower design nesting dolls - Find quality traditional Matrioska in pretty floral designs



Various designs of flowers on stacking sets have always been the sign of true Matryoshka. In fact most of the designs are based around floral patterns. We have listed on this page some of the best collection of flower Matryoshka dolls. Bright colorful designs and paints create a special attraction for these traditional Matrioska.


Today one can find nested sets in almost all kinds of prints but the charm and beauty of a true babooshka lies with vintage patterns. Use of intrinsic floral combinations with very fine precision gives altogether a different look. We have been painting some of the finest patterns, the mix and match of colors, flowers, leafs which turns these traditional Matrioska into beautiful piece of art.


In our collection we have set of 5, 7, 9 and up to 10 pcs. Some sets have 10cms as their largest doll and some have 20cms as the largest pc. Our price range for our stacking set start from as low as 2.12US$/set. Bulk purchasing for each design will help reduce the prices further and gain good bargains.
Find below some of the intricate designs of Matryoshkas we have to offer. Our nesting dolls have been painted so perfectly that it is as good as the original sets. Have a look at some of our designs below. Do write us at sales@russiandollsandtoys.com



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18cms Blue design 9piece wooden nested set
Micro flower design on red color 5piece babushkas
Cute 5piece matryoshka wood set




Long hair Russian lady doll set
4piece wooden set of Russian nesting matryoshkas
18cms Red traditional design 9piece matrioshka




Semenov nesting doll 9piece set
Red babushka sets
Black babushka with flower design




Vintage stacking wooden doll set of 5 pieces
Antique russian doll
Antique 18cms 9pcs nesting dolls