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There are many who buy these as collectibles since it has an attraction which is well known for many years. Would it be better that you too experience the Kokeshi doll? The lovely appearance of Japanese dolls calms the mind and makes one feels drawn to them. These are also quite cheap compared to the other types of souvenirs available in the market.


The idea behind this product comes from the traditional clothes worn by people of Japan. Details like accessories, colors of cloths, style and pattern of clothing, jewelries worn by women etc all is considered in making of this beautiful piece of art. The best part is that these can be very easily modified with new designs, patterns as per the client's request. Good quality product at a low and reasonable price gives us an edge over its original counterpart.


Kokeshi Doll Girls


Kokeshi doll (also known as kimono) are hand-made wooden pieces by renowned and skilled craftspeople. You will be satisfied and happy with the good quality of craftsmanship in our kokeshi designs. With increasing demand for this product, we have increased our manufacturing capacity over last few years. Currently we can supply over 5000units in 45 days. We also undertake orders for customised designs in bulk quantities.

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5cms Japanese school girl wood toy
Blue color vintage kokeshi doll
Red color wood doll from Japan




Oriental Japanese wood dolls with umbrella
Creative blue color kokeshi with fan
Japanese samurai with sword




5cms Japanese kimono wood doll
 Kimono wooden girl toy
Small 10cms kimono kokeshi collectible




Green attire Japanese doll with red bow
Yellow attire wood doll with fan
Amico yellow kimono kokesho doll decoration




Blue design fat Japanese lady wood toy
Japanese traditional wood toy