Kokeshi Dolls (Momiji) – Overview


Kokeshi dolls are the origin of Japanese people who used to make this craft. Over few years, this was a worldwide collectible. These are now evaluated as a unique type of art craft. We at Meena Handicrafts manufacture these dolls in India. These are purely for wholesale imports and bulk purchases. Many new designs are invented based on the living culture and tradition of ancient Japan.


Handmade and Hand painted Momiji


Momiji is, without doubt, the most famous and well-liked Japanese souvenir around the world. It is a must for any retailer or wholesalers who keep a range of gifting products. Since these are manufactured directly by us, you can pass your specifications, size and other details to make this product custom made to suit your market.


Momiji Creative Doll



Momiji are now recognized as one of the traditional folk arts in Japan. There are many different styles of Momiji, but there is one philosophy that all they share and that is the pursuit of beauty and artistry through simplicity. We give great importance in maintaining the quality of these Kokeshi dolls and providing high customer satisfaction. These basics are incorporated to every person associated with our company. To implement these quality control measures a lot more steps has been incorporated over the last few years.  

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Japanese Souvenier
Red color wooden kokeshi doll with umbrella
Black design Japanese kimono doll




10cms traditional kokeshis
Sayonara wood doll
Creative kokeshi in modern dressing




5cms Japanese wood doll holding sweets
Vintage design Japanese wood doll
Black color 5cms little girl kokeshi doll




Japanese school boy wooden toy
Traditional wood toy of Japan
Wooden toy doll of Japan




Cultural blue color kimono dolls
Flower design Japanese folk art dolls