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Matryoshka dolls are a favorite Russian souvenir. They are made from wood log. They come in the long-established styles - girls with flowery dresses and beautiful headscarves or more fanciful designs. The value and beauty of these collectibles is decided by how intricately it is designed or painted and the more number of pcs nested. Nesting dolls Russian are by nature, open able in such a way that each of them is nested one inside the other, so when you open it one after another it discloses its exquisiteness. Our most common size for the largest pc is 16.5cms. There are also other designs where the first pc is 10cms. Once you open this pc from centre, the next one appears. This goes on for every doll in the set till you find the last pc of the set. There's something undoubtedly magical about Russian nested sets. Unique, intricate, eye catching and expressive: each doll has a story behind it.


Matryoshkas carry a rich tradition and are gifted to girls all over as family heirlooms. These sets show the traditional Russian woman and her large family and hence are representative of fertility. Originally gifted in Russia have now become collectibles and bought worldwide.


How to buy these collectible Nesting Dolls Russian?


Our collection is endless. We have designs from all varieties, all categories, for every occasion, festival and purpose. Be it a promotional activity or a festive buy. Our catalog has endless matryoshka dolls to offer. The best part of our work is that we give our clients what they want, the shape, design, craft is all customised to meet their needs. Contact :


But how, how to buy these Babushkas? It’s simple, just visit our contact us page and submit the inquiry form and it’s done. You will hear from our executive with 24 hours. We have babushkas in more than hundreds of more designs to select from. Our executives will send more information to you about our minimum purchase quantities and other details about our collection. You can also simple visit our FAQ page for a quick update on buying information about our collectibles.


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7pieces traditional russian nesting sets
5piece Flower patterns stacking dolls
4piece Stackable dolls in floral pattern




17cms wooden nesting dolls in set of 5
5piece turquoise matryoshka set
4piece vintage russian doll




Russian miniature nesting dolls
Blue flower matryoshkas
10cms 4piece matryoshkas with yellow scarf




Unique babushka doll
5piec pink stacking dolls with purple flowers
17cms 5piece wooden stacking doll set




Brown color traditional nested set
Eco friendly matryoshka dolls set of 4