Wood Toy – Manufacturing and supplies

We manufacture wooden toys since past many years. We have this product for all age groups. We have puzzles, tiny miniatures, cars, toys, tops etc all made from natural wood. Initially our manufacturing was done with 90% of manual interference. Over last couple of years we installed and are using laser engraving machines for accurate cutting, embossing and engraving of toys. With automation the production and finishing of product details have improved many fold times. Also the standardization can be seen in our product which was not possible with handmade products.

Besides this the production capacity has increased multiple times and now we are completing bulk orders in short durations. With experienced artisans and new technology by our side, we are gaining a lot from new breed of customized collection.




Handmade Wooden Toys

For the people who value craftsmanship, quality and enjoyment, we offer our fine collection of these products from India. It is safe, non-toxic and quality product for your store. You can write to our email given below or fill our inquiry form with your requirement and we shall get back to you within 24 hours.


Contact : sales@russiandollsandtoys.com


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Wood toy springi
8 Varieties of Pencil Sharpners
Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles


Pencil Sharpners


Parrot bird key chain
Wooden Turtle parade pull toy
Joker wood Car

Bird Keychain

Turtle Parade

Joker Car

Hand held spinning top
Whistle with wooden bird toy at end
Wooden flute

Spinning Tops

Bird Whistle


Bird shape wooden Pencil Sharpner
Wooden Elephant Jigsaw Puzzle
Cup and ball infant wood toy

Bird Sharpner

Jigsaw Puzzle

Cup & Ball

wooden keyrings
Pull toy train set



Pull Train