Buy Russian dolls, Matrioshka key rings


Small in size from 4 to 2inches in height, these are miniature matrioshka dolls hanging at the bottom of key holders. This is just to catch up with the amazing success of matrioshka incorporated to key holder. Buy Russian dolls in form of key chains in various designs; check out some of the designs displayed on this page. These are very competitively priced as low as 0.4US$/pc. Buy in bulk to attract discounts.


Every mobile phone could do with a little cheering up and here we have an amazing selection of charms. Our fashionable key chains have a small Matryoshka hanging from a strap. This wooden Russian charm is 100% hand painted. It is normally sized at 4inches in height. However, we also have in different sizes of 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3 and 4cms. Miniature replica of various other products is also possible for production in similar range.


Our product catalog has more than 300 designs matrioshka and more are being added every week. Such rings are possible for every design available in the catalog. We have patterns and variations with the kind of metal fitting on top. Some have hooks, rings, ribbons, additional beads attachments to add to its beauty. Request our catalog to check more designs. Contact:

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3 inches blue babushka key ring
3 inches orange flower matryoshka key chain
Flower design small wood key chain




Nesting dolls keyholder keychains Russian keychains
Cute Russian nesting doll keychain




Matrioshka phone charm
Mobile phone trinket
Babushka phone strap




Mobile wood hanging piece
Tiny wooden lady doll key ring
Penguin key chain mobile hanging




Squirrel russian dolls charms
Small Elephant wooden hanging doll key chain