Russian nesting dolls – Worlds favorite stacking set



Wooden russian dolls are the best known and most popular of all Russian gifts sold as souvenirs. We in India manufacture these wooden Russian dolls since 2004. Today we have a wide range and collection of designs for various types of stacking sets. It is now widely used as toys, as educational toys, branding and marketing purposes.


People engaged into making of arts and crafts have been manufacturing nesting sets since quite some time approximately two centuries. This form of handicraft has gained its importance not only in Russia but worldwide too. Meena Handicrafts has the capacity to manufacture more than five thousand sets per month. Each and every piece of Russian nesting dolls is 100% hand-made and hand-painted. On our web site you will be able to find some of the few designs of these babushkas.


Over the last few years, there has been a major change in production of these crafts. Earlier traditional tools & techniques could not give mass output in short durations. With availability of better tools, quicker machines working on electricity, better computer screen techniques the production time has been reduced drastically.


With India being blessed with a very hot climate for most months round the year, drying of wood is quick. Machines, better trained artisans, new generation of artisans, better electricity and good quality quick dry paints, delivering large orders in shorter durations is no big deal. We currently line up our production for most months of the year. Do feel free to drop us your query and we will be glad to assist you in your purchase.

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5piece Nutcracker ballet nesting dolls
4piece European man stacking set
5piece Holy family nesting doll set




Red Indian nested dolls Babushka doll with fancy scraf 5piece set
Red ridding hood 5piece matryoshka set>




Raggedy Ann & Andy nesting dolls
10pieces Cat nesting ladies set
5piece Indian Matryoshkas




10pieces vintage wooden matryoshka
Traditional 6pieces multicolor matryoshka set
Russian lady with flower basket stacking dolls




Higglytown Heros nesting dolls set of 5
10cms Wizard of Oz wooden dolls





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