Meena Handicrafts follows a strict quality control measure from time to time. Testing our products specially stacking dolls, with recognized testing centers across the world is one of the methods we follow to keep a check on the raw materials used. This is done voluntarily by us and also some times on request from our clients. Russian matryoshka doll is many times tested by our clients during the production stage and also post delivery of consignment. This is to check consistency with samples tested and goods received at a later date.


We have listed below some of our reports tested at MSME Centre (Mumbai - India), SGS (Gurgaon - India, Shenzhen and Hong Kong Labs) and Intertek (UK). To ensure privacy, name and address of our clients and the product tested (photos) has been deleted from the report.


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Report Date



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23rd June, 2008

MSME - Mumbai

Test EN71



23rd June, 2008

MSME - Mumbai

EN71 Test



June 23rd, 2008

Mumbai - MSME

EN71 Report



15th May, 2009

SGS - Lab Gurgaon

Lead Migration CPSIA



2009, 20th May

SGS Lab - HongKong

Lead Migration CPSIA



20th May, 2009

SGS Lab - HongKong

Lead Migration CPSIA



2009, June 23rd

SGS : Shenzhen Lab

CPSIA Lead Migration



23rd June, 2009

SGS : Shenzhen Lab

CPSIA Migration of lead



2009, 4th July

SGS - Lab Gurgaon

CPSIA, Migration in lead



4th July, 2009

SGS - Shenzhen Lab

Migration lead CPSIA



14th Feb, 2011

Intertek UK

EN71 (3)



14th Feb, 2011

Intertek UK

REACH (Total Cadium)



31st Jan, 2012

Mumbai - MSME

EN71 (3) Migration of Lead in paints



Russian matryoshka doll is one such product which is used as toy as well as collectible. With growing awareness of presence of toxic substances in paints, more and more importers and organizations are willing to get these stacking dolls tested before and after purchase. It saves them from a huge risk of losing their brand value if any of their products are found toxic at a later date. We also prefer our stacking dolls being tested prior to shipment as the loss involved is huge if they are rejected at a later date. The cost of bringing back the goods is very high. It is therefore better to test products and avoid any inconvenience to either party involved.


We use the same raw materials for all our product manufacturing. Beads, toys, handicrafts, jewelry etc are all painted with colors sourced from one single company. Even the laquer used in sourced from one single point to ensure best quality for our product. There are many more reports which we have not uploaded on the website as per our agreements with out buyers.   










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